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Payment Module Settings

General VAT, Cargo Limit, Determination of Payment at the Door.

Membership confirmation with 4 options ( Unconfirmed - Admin Verified - SMS Verified - Email Verified

Unsubscribed Shopping, Hiding prices for guests, Credit Card, Money Order & EFT, Cash on Delivery, Buy Now, WhatsApp modules can be turned on or off.

Ability to activate or deactivate system EMAIL, SMS and VIRTUAL POS settings with PayTR, İyzico, NETGSM, DakikSms and STMP settings.

General Banner Settings

Top Banner, Slider Sub-Banners can be added and passive or active.

Today's Deal, What we have chosen for you, Opportunity products, Best Selling products and Popular products, being able to be active and passive and changing their names.

Payment notification

Ability to see payment notifications and incoming receipts.

You can be notified instantly of your payment notification (Administrator) to your e-mail and (Administrator) phone via a text message.

Support Center

You can provide support about your orders with your customers who are members.

You can respond to or end a support request.

Bank Accounts

You can add or remove unlimited bank accounts and receive payment notifications to your bank accounts.

Products & Categories & Brands & Options

Entering VAT specific to products, entering stock and one Normal Feature specific to each product, and one variable feature with instant calculation.

Entering brand, star, short description, discounted price and special TITLE and KEY for each product

Ability to add unlimited images to products.

Adding images and icons to categories, entering special TITLE and KEY for each category.

Ability to add images to subcategories, enter special TITLE and KEY for each subcategory

Ability to add instant price changing feature.

Ability to add normal features without price changes.

Unlimited brand creation.

Discount Coupons

Ability to create unlimited discount coupons (TL basis)

Ability to add stock to coupons.

Search Criteria ( N11 Style )

Each criterion added to the search criteria changes automatically as the page is refreshed. If you have given a link to the criteria, it works like a normal search if the link is empty.

You can also make links to the footer in tag style and add criteria.

Corporate & Services & News Management

Ability to add unlimited pages and images.

Ability to add unlimited images to pages, enter special TITLE and KEY on each page

Information Pages & FAQ Management

Ability to create information pages.

By adding customer information pages, you can remove the question marks in the minds of customers.

Slider Management

You can link it by adding a slider.

Members Management

You can add, approve, or deactivate members.

If you wish, you can make special sales only to your members by closing the non-membership shopping system and passive guest prices.

Contact center

View incoming messages in E-Newsletter, Bulk Email and Dialog box.

You can send a bulk email.

General Settings

Editing Title , Meta Key , Description on your site.

Ability to make social media and WhatsApp settings of your site.

Ability to change the color of your site and put it in MAINTENANCE MODE.

Ability to edit contracts on your site.

Ability to edit all your contact information.

EMAIL Notice

A notification e-mail is automatically sent to your customer in every order update or order formation.

If membership confirmation email is selected, an email is sent to the member for confirmation by email.

If the member forgets his password, he can provide a recovery with the help of e-mail.

After the answer from the support line, the customer is informed by e-mail.

Payment notifications are sent to (ADMIN) e-mail.

Messages from the dialog are forwarded to the (ADMINISTRATOR) email.

SMS Notification

In each order update or order formation, an informative SMS is automatically sent to your customer and the manager.

If the membership confirmation SMS is selected, an SMS will be sent to the member for the member's confirmation via text message.

If the member forgets his password, he can recover via SMS.

After the answer from the support line, the customer is informed via SMS.

Payment notifications (MANAGER) are sent via SMS.

Messages from the dialog box (ADMINISTRATOR) are sent as SMS.