Web Hosting

You need a space to load the web pages you have prepared. The space reserved for you on the servers configured for the operation of your site is called hosting.

The server, which is stronger than the computer hosting service, is provided through the machines we call. Servers are always open and have to be accessible every hour of the day.
If you come to from your computer even at 03:00 at night, if your website is not available then your computer will connect to our server and put the files belonging to our site on your computer screen. For this, the servers must be open and connected internally.

The presenter is hiding in the private rooms we call datacenter. There must be a continuous system engineer, generator, air conditioner, subway internet (high speed internet) in these rooms.

When all these materials come together, server and hosting services are provided.
The mails are also provided via these servers.

The hosting service works by directing the domain to the server via dns. Both websites and e-mail addresses connect to your computer via ip protocol with the server.
Today, many domestic and foreign companies are doing hosting and allocating space for activating the domain name that you receive. This allocation process (hosting) is done monthly by rent method. Important points for you during the hosting process are;
- Speed ​​(Your site's opening speed)
- The size of the space you will be given for your site (MB)
- Supported programs and general features

Let us explain them one by one according to their importance.

SPEED: The rate at which sites are uploaded is a very important factor here. There are two important reasons why the pages of visited sites do not come slowly. These are the reasons that arise from the fact that the computer you are connected to is not able to have enough disruptions. Secondly, hosting is the reason for the server that you are hosting. If the server you are hosting with is low on the internetting rate, or hosting on top of its capacity, the load speed of your pages will be slower. Also remember that the speed of your pages is also related to the size of the pages and programs they create. Because some sites are prepared with flash and animation programs. This causes Flash sites to open more slowly than HTML sites.

The Dimension of the Area to Be Given: If we take a look at other materials; the size of the area to be given (how many megabytes) varies according to the unit. You will be prepared according to the amount of space required for your site you will be demanding hosting space there. If you are thinking of a comprehensive and content-rich site, the size of the area to be given to your site must also be large. The area to be given is important in two respects; the first is in terms of the size of the site to be prepared as we stated earlier, and the second is in the e-mails. This is because they share the same space in the mall that is provided with the design. If the hosting space is small, problems may occur in the mail traffic after a certain time.

Server Support: Another important aspect of Web hosting is that your server supports the program and database you use. Nowadays, internet sites fulfill different functions (such as job application forms, demand forms, sales with credit card) thanks to the dynamic forms prepared besides the promotion. The preparation of such forms is done with special programming languages ​​(such as ASP, PHP, SQL). For example, in order to run an ASP-supported site, it is necessary to install programs that support ASP forms on the server side of the site.
You should pay attention to these when you make hosting transactions.

There are so many different features in this matter that we are ready to give you the right direction in every way for your purpose.

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