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Today, every 10 phones purchased are 9 smartphones. Domestic and foreign mobile applications are increasing day by day. In 2019, smart devices are expected to exceed 2 billion. Companies are now paying more attention to implementation choices that will meet expectations in enterprise mobile applications. While leveraging mobile systems, they expect a functional and innovative look that is not just a mobile application. These numbers, which are expected to increase even further in the coming years, point to where your future is for corporate companies.

"FAGORE is aware of this fact! "

For this reason, FAGORE offers its customers many options with a professional look in the field of mobile software and mobile application development that many institutions and brands need.


FAGORE designs and codes mobile devices in accordance with all devices to be used while developing their mobile applications.

It provides easy management of applications with user friendly software with its developed interface and management panes.

FAGORE, which provides mobile software services for corporations and brands from all sectors, is one of the fastest mobile software agencies in Istanbul with expert technical support team.
The mobile software projects that he signed with his powerful team reveal FAGORE's awareness.


Whether you choose a solution that integrates with all systems, or whether the application has its own panellist, FAGORE develops and publishes exactly what you need according to your needs in a mobile application.
Additional solutions and in-app features are also developed and delivered to you before the software phase. FAGORE aims to find the most effective solution for institutions and brands.

FAGORE develops mobile apps and software with the latest versions of the most popular devices today, the iPhone and Android devices. By reflecting all the innovations in the mobile world to your projects, it produces the most efficient mobile application solutions for your institution.

The mobile application projects that FAGORE has developed for its partners in different platforms are long-term, innovative and fast. The habits of the target kit also provide the maximum user experience since the account participates in each stage.

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