Graphic Design

A graphic design is a creative process involving organizing texts and pictures in a perceptible and visible plane, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, in order to convey a message, develop an image or draw a picture. It can be applied in a format that is not digital or digital in most environments such as printing, display, dynamic film, animation, packaging design.


In graphic design and graphic arts, alignment, balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, image, proportion, closeness, restoration, rhythm and unity are the basic principles of arts.


"A good design impulse is something like the impulse to sustain life."
Harry Bertoia


The way of influencing a person first passes through the picture. What they are told is the second plan. Firms first try to contact the target and communicate with the target groups. FAGORE makes the most effective connection between the customer and the target audience with the designs that he has made.


The Logodan catalog has a "first love affair" between the brand and the customer through the corporate identities that the brochure has designed to evolve.

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