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E-commerce sites, which have become one of the biggest investment areas of today, give you a virtual store on the internet and deliver your products to thousands of users.

This system, which offers remote sales with credit card and cargo system, offers a lot of advantages besides usual one-sided sales. At the same time, it allows your site to sell to thousands of people and serves as a customer representative. All fagor software has been developed by the team, e-commerce, online sales system with Turkey's fastest running and will allow you to have the best google optimization with e-commerce sites.

What are the most important things about e-commerce?
• Security of E-Commerce software
• SSL (Security Server License) Certificate ensures that information traffic from your site is provided on a different line and that this information is never seen by external users. Banks are obliged to receive an SSL Certificate to provide Virtual POS service for the site.
• E-Commerce Software's Usefulness
• Every user who wants to shop online does not have to be an expert internet user. Amateur users can also be your customers. In this stage, it should be suitable for the structure which is convenient for the site and can be easily exchanged even by amateur users.
• The importance of Hosting (Hosting) Service at E-Commerce Site
• The most important issue to be considered in e-commerce sites is hosting. A web site is broadcast with this service. Applications that support various modules of the software (Database, Component) must be installed on the server. In addition, the e-commerce site has to be a fast server. If E-Commerce software is written in ASP and ASP NET Windows Hosting is the right choice. If the software is PHP, Linux will provide a more regular work on the server.

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