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How To Do Cool Web Design ?

16 Haziran 2018

In this article we will tell you the subtleties of making a good website. First of all, when designing our site, we should look at the user who will enter our site.

Our site should provide clean and easy access to the user. One of the basic usage tools of our website is menus, and the user wants to switch to the page he / she is looking through the menus, but the factors such as the eye-tearing animation of the menu we designed and the small size of the menu make it difficult for the user to reach the desired data. For this reason, we should design the system as simple and clear as possible. We also need to have a button on each page to provide homepage turnaround. Another important factor is that the user knows which page he or she is on and which page he or she is going through. You should put it in a design that will not sink too much once the content portion of your site can be seen. For example: / news / technology / automobile As soon as a user enters the site, they will begin to adopt your site and use it more easily.


However, if you change your design continuously, you change the location of the content parts of the menus within the site you will be annoyed by the user because you break the design that the user is accustomed to, and even you will lose the user. For this reason, do not change your site design very often. Take care to have a simple image of your site. Especially for newcomers, one of the mistakes is to throw color on the site. Separate color content part of menus Separate color background Separate color Lower part Separate color If you make the look of the user very tired you will not want to read the content you are looking for even if you are on our site. For this reason, there should be a simple image on our site. In particular, the background of our text parts should remain white. The standard image for websites is 1024x768. However, we should not stick to this measure because the screen resolution used by each user may not be the same. If we do not take these into consideration, our site may look too big for the screen, which is too small for the screen.


Certainly you see, some sites automatically fill the screen according to the screen, others center the page. Especially If your users also use mobile devices, you should have a responsive structure to make your site popular and a website. Keep up to date on the development of Web browsers Make updates to make your website work smoothly on all browsers. One of the most important elements for the users is the quick opening of the site. The average opening rate of websites is 1-2 seconds. If your site is opened on this user, you will lose the user. The factors that will slow down your site are scripts and images. Upload your images to your site in small sizes. Do not use scripts to slow down your site. Never have videos on your homepage. Let's say you've finished your site fast so if you agree with a bad hosting company your site will be slow to open again.


Work with a good hosting company for your site, and if possible, find a hosting (country) get your company. Make sure you have a contact page where you can communicate with your users and add a comment field where you can share the comments of people if you have a news article such as an article on your site. Finally, if you have many social network accounts related to your website, social networks are the ideal place to attract users.

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