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Holistic SEO

24 Nisan 2018

What is holistic SEO? What is Holistic SEO different from the usual standard SEO work? What should be considered when doing Holistic SEO work?

Nowadays, the SEO topic, which is mostly used by a lot of digital agency companies and the end user internet users can comment at last, continues to face with the changes every day and with the algorithm changes that the search engines have applied.

We are confronted with the concept of "Holistic Seo" which is a new concept "Holistic Seo", which is the general term that we are trying to keep up with the algorithm changes that Google has made in the last year. The Holistic SEO concept that comes to the fore is what stands for holistic SEO as the exact meaning of the word. This SEO study, which covers the implementation and evaluation of search engine optimization in a balanced manner in all circles along with the applied SEO studies, in-site seo, off-site seo, social media integration and other transactions, has been used for many years in traditional SEO studies as some techniques have lost importance and become more comprehensive and elaborate.

Up to this time, SEO experts have been working on user-oriented SEO to get ahead in the search results. But the most important thing that Holistic SEO concept dictates to us in particular is the more user-oriented and realistic as possible. Therefore, going beyond the traditional SEO approach will make your SEO work longer.

What Should We Watch While Performing a Holistic SEO Study?

First of all we have to create a link structure that is user-focused for the web site to be seoed.

In page description and keyword selections, we must use words that will maximize the expectations of internet users. Also, the most important issue to be addressed in this regard is that it is useful to select key words that are longer than 2 words in keyword selection.

We need to be sure that the content we have on our website is up-to-date, and we need to keep our website up to date and share quality content. It should not be forgotten that this will be useful in terms of users who visit our website as well as in terms of search engine Google. If your site is updated frequently, Google bots will visit your website the same amount of times. If your content you share on your website is of good quality and remarkable, your website will spend more time on your website.

Absolutely, but definitely get support from social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and Google Adwords. You should also be sure to check out links to content shared on your site from other social media channels.

Do not pass social media buttons. Make sure the social media buttons are visible and specific for sharing your product or content on your website. It would be useful if people visiting your site were positioned so that they could easily access social media accounts for easy access and sharing of products or services.

Perform the service sector and competitor analysis using realistic data. Do not hesitate to check out your competitors' websites that do the same job as you. Make your website functional by choosing more user-focused things than your peers.

As we mentioned in our article, the mentioned items are already already applied in traditional SEO studies, and the process and implementation methods of Holistic SEO concept are made more detailed. As we mentioned in the upper paragraph, while the "Holistic SEO" logic is applied, the completeness of the operations is preliminary. Almost all digital channels must be processed simultaneously. Google AdWords advertising and the most popular social media channels. You can get maximum benefit from the links available on your website pages and related links, social media channels and the Adwords service. In general, the Holistic SEO concept, as its name suggests, allows you to make all the operations in a unity and order, while using it as much as possible with all digital channels, it becomes a means to gain added value for your internet site.

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