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The Subtleties of Making a Beautiful Website

In this article, we will tell you the intricacies of making a beautiful website. First of all, when designing our site, we should look at it from the point of view of the user who will enter our site.

Our site should provide the user with clean and easy access. One of the main usage tools of our website is the menus, and the user wants to switch to the page he is looking for through the menus, but factors such as the menu we designed contains eye-catching animation and the size of the menu makes it difficult for the user to reach the desired data.


For this reason, we should design our menu as simple and understandable as possible. In addition, we should have a button on each page that can be returned to the homepage. Another important factor is knowing which page the user is on and through which pages they reached that page. You should put it in a place where it can be seen above the content section of your site in a very unobtrusive design. For example: /news/technology/automobile As a user enters your site, they will start to adopt and use your site more easily. However, if you constantly change your design or change the content of the menus on the site, you will disturb the user because you are breaking the design that the user is used to, and you will even experience loss of users.


Therefore, do not change the design of your site too often. Make sure your site has a simple look. One of the mistakes made especially by beginners is to throw color all over the site. If you make the menus in different colors, the content part, the color background, and the bottom part in a different color, you will tire the eyes of the user, and even if the content he is looking for is found on your site, he will not want to read it. Therefore, our site should have a simple image. In particular, the background of our text parts should remain white.


The standard image of websites is 1024x768. However, we should not be stuck with this measure, because the screen resolution used by every user may not be the same. If we do not take these into account, our site may appear too small or too large for the screen. Of course you have seen it, some sites automatically fill the screen according to the screen, while others center the page. In order for your site to be popular and a website, especially if we take into account the mobile device usage of the users, it should have a responsive (sizing itself according to the screen) structure. Follow the development of web browsers constantly, make the necessary updates for your website to work smoothly in all browsers.


One of the most important factors for users is the fast opening of the site they enter. The average opening speed of websites is 1-2 seconds. If your site opens after this period, it is normal to lose users. The factors that will slow down your site are scripts and images. Upload your images to your site in small sizes. Do not use scripts that will slow down your site. Never have videos on your homepage. Let's say you finished your site to run fast, if you deal with a bad hosting company, your site will open slowly again. Work with a good hosting company for your site and, if possible, a hosting company located in your location (country).


Be sure to keep in touch with your users and have a contact page where they can write to you. Apart from that, if there will be posts such as a news or article on your site, add a comment area where people can share their comments with you. Finally, if you have many social network accounts related to your website, social networks are the most ideal areas to attract users.

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