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SEO with Google Images

How Can You Get Up Your Results in Images?

About 1/3 of the searches made by internet users on Google, the showground of digital advertising, are made to find visual content consisting of related images or photographs. For this reason, we can say that the visual content we use to enrich the texts on the websites is an element that we should take into consideration when we handle it by SEO. A few years ago, when we clicked on the image it had taken out in the search results, Google directed us to the relevant page of the website where the image was located, while obtaining visitors, with the algorithm changes made, it helped internet users to achieve their goal in real terms by displaying the large version of the visual object in the search results to provide more user quality. provides. If we look at the event through this logic framework, it creates the question, "The application of SEO for images will also affect your website traffic". At this point, we are trying to answer the question that it is useful to do SEO work for images.

– Is SEO Required for Visual Content?
If your purpose in publishing your website is to promote a product or an object, not the service sector, the answer to this question is very clear. YEAH. In products and services that are tangible and visibly sold, internet users generally try to reach the result by searching for the product they want to find through the images tab of the search results. Instead of examining each site one by one by typing "evening dress models" into the search engine, the user wants to click on the visit page button, which appears only in the images section of the search results instead of all, and also on the right part of the visually pleasing content, and wants to be directed directly to the relevant page. . While this situation includes many different sectors and gains more visitors to the relevant website, it plays a positive role in increasing the conversion rate.

As soon as you manage to have all kinds of textual and visual content that will bring you links on your website, as well as being shared by others and linking to you, it will be a useful process in terms of getting you to the top of the visual search results.

– Whether the Visual Contents Are Original or Not
The answer to this question is generally no. The fact that the visual content on your website is licensed visual content purchased from image banks or ready-made images should not change your SEO strategy. Contrary to the textual content of the websites, it will not be a problem as there is no duplicate copy situation in the images and photographic images used. In general terms, we can state that the image that is at the top of the search results is not original. We would like to point out that while using some visual content, you may need to cite the source. Example, A photo frame related to a news.

– How to Know if Your Website Needs Visual SEO Process
In general, Google reveals a section of the search results page with the visual content of the keyword before the page results for keywords with a lot of search potential. If the internet user searches for a certain keyword and continues from the visual search results as a result, Google puts these images in a package in order to facilitate the search work of the internet user. For example, you can see the visual contents grouped in the upper area in the word evening dress models you see in the picture.

How to Optimizing for Image Search Results
If you have decided to make visual content optimization after reading our article without getting bored, we are ready to move on to the necessary stages. The SEO process for visual content is much simpler than the web optimization we do in general.

1- You must specify the file name of the content of the image correctly and in accordance with web standards.
2- In the alternative text name of the visual content, you can write the keyword you will use to make it more accessible.
3- As the subtitle of the visual content, we think that having one of your keywords in the information written under the image on your relevant page is more important for SEO than the alternative text.
4- It is one of the important elements of the SEO process that the visual content is compatible with the textual content on the page. It will be useful for the harmony of the visual content used with the textual content and also for visual optimization.
5- In terms of resolution information and size of visual content, Google does not give too much space to images with strange criteria, and does not like small sizes. By trying to show high-resolution visual content in general, Google acts to the benefit of the internet user to find what they are looking for.
6- Regarding the accuracy of the visual content, Google is seriously serious with the algorithm changes it has made.

Thanks to this algorithm change, it means that the harmony between the searched keyword and the visual result is equivalent. In short, when we search for the word "zippo lighter", it is no longer possible for us to see visual content related to the weather and appear in the search results.

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