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What is holistic SEO? What is the difference between holistic SEO and conventional SEO studies? What should be considered when doing holistic SEO work?

Today, the subject of SEO, which has been mainly used by many digital agency companies for the last 1 year, and which end-users can at least comment on, continues to come up with the changes it experiences day by day and the algorithm changes applied by search engines.

These days, when we are trying to keep up with the algorithm changes that Google, the search engine, has made in the last year, we are faced with the concept of "Holistic Seo", which is a new concept. The aforementioned concept of Holistic SEO means holistic SEO as the exact equivalent of the word. This SEO study, which covers the evaluation and implementation of search engine optimization in a balanced integrity in all media, together with the applied SEO studies, on-site seo, off-site seo, social media integration and other processes, is a result of the traditional SEO studies that have been applied for years with the changing algorithm changes. It emerges as the embodiment of some techniques losing their importance and becoming more comprehensive and detailed.

Until this time, although SEO experts have done SEO studies for the user in order to be at the top of the search results, wrong practices have emerged as a neglected issue. But the most important thing that the concept of Holistic SEO specifically dictates to us is to be more user-oriented and realistic as possible. Accordingly, going beyond the traditional SEO approach will ensure that your SEO efforts will last longer.

What Should We Pay Attention To While Doing Holistic SEO Work?
First of all, we have to create a user-oriented link structure for the website to be done.

We should use words that will meet the expectations of internet users at the maximum level in our page description and keyword selections. In addition, the most important issue to be discussed in this regard is that we should not forget that it is useful to choose keywords that are longer than 2 words in keyword selections.

It is necessary to make sure that the content we have on our website is up-to-date, and to keep our website up-to-date and to share quality content. It should not be forgotten that this process is beneficial for the users visiting our website, as well as for the search engine Google. If your website is updated frequently, Google bots will visit your website as often. If the content you share on your website is of high quality and attractive, your visitors will spend more time on your website.

Get support from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and Google Adwords. You should also make sure that you exit links to the content shared on your site from other social media channels.

Don't miss the social media buttons. Make sure that the social media buttons are visible and prominent for sharing the product or content you offer on your website. It is beneficial to position the visitors of your site in such a way that they can easily access and share the product or service, as well as easily access their social media accounts.

Perform the service industry and competitor analysis using realistic data. Do not hesitate to review the websites of your competitors who are doing the same job as you. Make your own website functional by choosing structures that are more user-oriented than your competitors.

As we have mentioned in our article, the mentioned items are already applied in Traditional SEO studies, and in the concept of Holistic SEO, these processes and application methods are done in more detail. As we mentioned in the top paragraph, while applying the "Holistic SEO" logic, the integrity of the transactions is at the forefront. Almost all digital channels must be processed simultaneously. Support should be obtained from Google Adwords advertising and the most used social media channels. You can get maximum benefit from the link exits of the pages and related posts on your website on social media channels and with the AdWords service. In general terms, the concept of Holistic SEO, as the name suggests, ensures that the transactions are in an integrity and order, while applying this integrity by using all digital channels as much as possible, it provides added value for your website.

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